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PG 2 ASSOCIATED HEALTH SYSTEMS INC | 877.457.8012 | SISTR - SMALL ITEM STOCK TRANSFER INTRODUCING SISTR BY AHS It's storage, made simple. A leading Canadian hospital was challenged with their Orthopaedic inventory. The current practice of using bins inflated their inventory levels and made for poor stock rotation. It also made picking and re-stocking cumbersome and slow. They asked us for help. We delivered. Within only a few short months the hospital reduced their inventory levels and outdates and were rotating stock. Picking and restocking was now fast and efficient for staff. It's called SISTR, which stands for Small Item Stock Rotation. Its value doesn't stop there. SISTR* FIRST IN FIRST OUT PATENTED TECHNOLOGY Improved organization allows staff to access supplies quicker. This means less money spent on staff hunting for an item and less O.R. downtime during a surgery. 100% visibility of both product and stock allows staff to not only access product quickly but perform a visual assessment of stock levels with no need for scanning hardware. SISTR can be adapted to fit almost any situation. Product rotation is inherent thanks to SISTR's patent-pending first-in/first- out design. FIRST IN FIRST OUT Part No. Description Unit STR-182112-42-IV 42 Capacity (Compartment size 2.5"W x 6.5"H X 6" D) double sided Each STR-182812-56-IV 56 Capacity (Compartment size 2.5"W x 6.5"H x 6" D) double sided Each Patent Pending Phone: 1(877)457-8012 fax: (604)591-8034 email:

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